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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 15, 2017 7:00am-7:38am EDT

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the u.s. house. in about an hour, we look at security for members of congress with the congressman from pennsylvania and maryland. ♪ host: good morning. it is thursday, on june 15. morning, steve scalise, third ranking gop in leadership remains in critical condition. two capitol police officers were injured, as well as to others. the shooter died in custody. in thislled for unity country and to put political differences aside. we want to know from you, is a
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change in political tone needed after lawmakers were shot at? epublicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. join us on twitter or go to we will start with the president, who canceled his agenda yesterday and made a statement to the country. here is what he said. >> we may have had our differences, but we do well to remember everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because they love our country. agree we are blessed to be americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace and that we are strongest when we are unified and when we work
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together for the common good. president -- some members practicing on a field were shot at by a gunman, allegedly targeting republican members of congress. the president went to a hospital in virginia where steve scalise underwent surgery. jennifer jacobs reported it was a somber scene. the president spoke with scalise's wife. do you think political tone,
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political rhetoric has gone too far, and if change is needed, who should leave it? john, dumb freeze, virginia, a democrat. dumfries, virginia, a democrat. caller: i want to give my prayers to all of those who were injured. country is so polarized, and the thing we believe, we become hypocritical when it comes to deciding who should do what. this situation here is one thing we have to look at as far as the violence in our country.
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look at the words of newt gingrich. he was saying it was a far left democrat that was indicative of violence. how can you say that when we have to start from the top of our leadership. you have the president saying things "punch him in the face and i will pay for your legal fees. " the "i can walk down street, shoot someone, and you will still vote for me." this is my question. how can a homeless person with a said, issue, as it was have access to weapons like this? we look in our -- we look at our
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governors and we cannot pass a simple bill that will preclude on ouruals, not stepping second amendment rights, but would preclude individuals from doing hard case background checks so we can make sure people like this don't get weapons and things of this nature. host: this is from a reporter sanford, onk morning joe, trump is "at least partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed," however, some blamed the left as well for the political rhetoric. another headline, increasing hostility from political left hits breaking point. let's listen to the leader of the emma kratz in the house -- democrats, nancy pelosi,
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along with the speaker of the house, and members of the house gathering to hear their leaders speak. [video clip] i pray, very frequently and every sunday, i pray for all of you. all of you, together. years, i used to pray , the fact weiness were working together, he'd the words of president kennedy when he said god's work must truly be how do we come together to give confidence to the american people? we would have disagreements and debate them. in more recent years, i have
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been praying for that and our safety. i pray for donald trump, that his presidency will be successful and that his family will be safe. we have called for a purpose to this body. it is a great thing. we recognize you have your constituents, we have ours, and we respect you and your constituents who sent you here,
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all worthy of respect. we do have our differences. i pray we can resolve our differences. that furthers the preamble to the constitution, takes us closer to e pluribus unum. nancy pelosi talking about political differences in this country and the rhetoric some exchange with each other. hasn't gotten too heated and what do you think should happen? chicago, independence, go ahead. am disturbed that there was a shooting yesterday and i pray for the people injured. let this be a wake-up call to congress. favornot go on being in , because the
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.0001% that disagree don't look at this as a tragedy. they look at it as a start. remember the french revolution, what brought that on. if we don't correct our ways and consider everybody in this , it might result in that. thank you. ron, illinois, a republican. go ahead. we have a situation we have had for some time. warfare in this country. october 2015, hillary clinton in wereate said her enemies iranians and republicans. watergateom a former
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prosecutor. someone involved in prosecuting richard nexen for have an enemy -- for having -- richard nixon for having an enemy's list. daddy bush, h w, would complain about that. it was going over americans' did notcause they understand the nature of demagoguery. if you just call people names rather than engage the idea, you are involved in demagoguery. is very damaging to the to just wageche
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and ideological war against your enemies. not flesh and blood. they are powers and principalities. i am trying to help people i disagree with to come around in their thinking. that is not true for the left. they are secular progressives. when their ideas run out, they engage in demagoguery. that is a huge mistake. as a result, you have a guy like this yesterday. you think about mark sanford saying the president as partially to blame because of rhetoric he has used on the campaign trail when he said he wanted to punch people, if you punch people in the face
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he would pay for the legal bills. this is the new york times. trump has been goading attendees at rallies to rough up protesters and suggesting last summer that second people would take action if hillary clinton were elected. he was unapologetic for comments that critics said verge on incitement. if you notice during the oldaign, there was one white guy who hit this a black guy who had the cornrows or whatever. meanwhile, on the streets, the democrats who have been doing this for a quarter of a century were beating up trump supporters . they would descend on them in groups. went to college in saying -- thisas
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was 15 years ago -- he was saying you have to keep your mouth shut. host: if you are a republican? you are conservative. if you say anything, the professors will take away your grades. look at the violence of the black lives matter or violence on campus. of dollars of damage is done and there are very few arrests because no one is holding the left responsible. host: i will leave it there. we will talk to a democrat, antonio, cleveland, ohio. problemyou can see the from this last caller. he is nothing but a white supremacist. they use their religion -- host: what makes him a white supremacy? caller: the way he talks about
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the violence. what about the violence against african americans in this country? we have not gotten an apology for that ever. what goes around comes around. that is the way it is. that was justified, the shooting yesterday? not justifiedas at all. i am not saying that at all. trump is a cancer in this country. .e is a traitor he is dealing with russia. i believe they hacked our voting machines. nobody is talking about that. host: the wall street journal this morning, the finest hour referring to the two officers lives.ed many
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the duty of political leaders and the rest of us is to keep the divisions and the perspective of our shared values of free debate and democratic .onsent one way to contribute to a better political climate would be to stop claiming as a reflex that victory by the opposing andy is illegitimate, another would be to stop portraying political assassination as entertainment. john, good morning. caller: as a kid growing up on , one would say my dad can beat up your dad, and that is what is going on in this country.
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that is what the main problem is. who should be the adult? our political leaders, the media, all of us? the media follows with the congress and the senate says, and the president. -- younot more lame cannot blame them for trying to make headlines by looking for news in what our congress and senate says. they are chasing the news and ournews is being made by representatives. somewhere, this has to be toned down. the manpeople like yesterday, who did the shooting. he is homeless, living
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out of a van. there was a picture on one of the tv stations about him holding up a sign about tax the rich. he was more or less programmed to do what he done. the reports are that he is 66 years old, politically involved, cared a lot about politics. witnesses said he seemed to be in control. people did not sense anger. everybody has a snapping point. sometimes when you wake-up in the morning, and i have been the same way. , seemser how hard i try like someone is trying to find a way to bring me down.
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host: when you had those thoughts, what did you think the cause was? the government? it is not so much the government. the united states is the only place you can come without a penny and turn yourself into somebody. nowadays, with minimum wage and no one can make a living on minimum wage. it sounds like you are blaming economic factors rather than political discourse. all of that plays together.
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is not worth as much as it was 20 years ago. your congressman and senator, they are passing bills that doesn't seem like it is going to help you at all. you don't have a lot to look forward to. i know people that has money. i know people that are poor. i know where they are both coming from. deb, republican, franklin, tennessee. you are on the air. caller: what has happened is everybody -- we have people in senate, the, the president says stuff, obama said stuff. this happened decades ago and then it became ok to bash the president and it became ok for the president to -- the people
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-- became ok for the president to bash the people. everybody is calling everybody names. the media does it, too. i hardly watch the news anymore. it is too depressing. new york times front page -- words, but little action to halt grim cycle of rage and blame. legislative aides, lawmakers, and police officer's hospitalized. is unfolding as a familiar ritual, with a somber statement from the president, and giving
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way to finger-pointing and blame on social media. gestures of conciliation did little to blunt the sense that culture isivic consumed with anger and breaking down. mental illness makes it say exactly what leads to violence. john danforth said mr. trump and democratic leaders, as well as the news media all deserve to blame. a bullet traveled across his body, and caused major internal bleeding. additional surgery is required, according to the hospital. that is why he remains in
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condition. trump and his wife made a trip to the hospital on wednesday night. the president sat privately with scott for -- was steve scalise 15 minutes. he also chatted with the police officer who engaged that suspect yesterday. jeff flake, saying he met with capitol police officers and a them for saving his life. go forward with this annual tradition that dates back nearly 100 years and the members of congress saying that they will be going forward to do that. let me show you other news. 's actions focus of
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mueller inquiry. according to officials, the special counsel is looking at whether the president tried to obstruct justice. the move by mueller to investigate trump's conduct marks a turning point in the investigation, which until recently focused on russian presidentialhe campaign. investigators have been looking at evidence of possible financial crimes among trump associates. trump received private assurances stating he was not a person under investigation. officials say that changed after comey's firing. rogers, andike
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richard agreed to be invest -- be interviewed by investigators this week. it is unclear how many others have been questioned by the fbi. washington post breaking that story. the washington post says it is the topwhether or not officials will be directed by the white house to invoke executive privilege. it is also -- it is doubtful they could use executive privilege to block them from speaking to investigators. you also have this in the wall street journal. the special counsel plans to interview the departed deputy director of the nsa, rick alledge it. he wrote a memo documenting a phone call that mr. rogers had
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with mr. trump. during the call, the president questioned the veracity of the intelligence community's judgment that russia had interfered with the election and try to persuade mr. rogers to say there was no evidence of collusion between his campaign and russian officials. the nsa did not respond to requests for comment. on that as well as the senate judiciary committee saying they will launch an investigation into why james comey was fired. this is prompted by the ranking democrat on the committee, dianne feinstein. mr. grassley said actions taken under the obama administration would also be damaged by the committee. specifically, whether loretta into theed improperly
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investigation of hillary clinton's private use of her email server. back to our conversation with you. change in political rhetoric. is it needed after republican members of congress were targeted yesterday? caller: good morning. host: go ahead. theer: my prayers to the ies, and the family of the person who shot them. -- should have said something. he waited until republicans got
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shot. host: are you referring to the president? caller: i am referring to number 45. the: activists have accused president of treason and compared him to have her. apologized after posting a video in which she brandished a prop version of and severed head. action, thereery is an opposite reaction. the shooter was not homeless. he had a home in illinois. he was not homeless.
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number 45 has not said one word about the violence perpetrated on his side. host: did you see his statement yesterday? caller: it is about time he did say something, but it is hypocritical to come out and say it. it was hypocritical because he kept his mouth shut since it started. host: let's listen to joe barton. he is the manager of the republican baseball team. [video clip] whether he came within 10, we will never know. we need to take a step back.
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that is why we are holding another joint press conference. and twitterinternet of the newt cycle, it is a different climate than it was in 1985. part of it is technology. part of it is the way politics have evolved. we are looked at as targets. people think they can come to our town targets, but people think they can come to our town hall meetings and say the most of noxious things, and we will -- feel it perfect that only
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of noxious things and we will not feel it personally. while we try not to show it, sometimes we do take it personally. congressman joe barton yesterday on the field, along with his 10-year-old son. some reports say that other members of congress protected joe barton's 10-year-old son in the first base dugout and he hid under a bench. mr. barton yesterday talked about the impact on his son so if you miss that news conference you can go to and find it. indiana,arsaw, republican caller. what should be done about political discourse? caller: i definitely believe that we need to come on the republican side and the democrat side, need to tone down the rhetoric. our fellow american citizens are not the enemy.
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now, itquite a while has been portrayed that way. i do believe it has gotten more worse and worse. several years ago when gabby giffords was shot, i called my representative at that time and said, we need to take this back. we need to calm this down because what happened to her was tragic, that there are also innocent people that lost their lives at that time. and the. test, if youity are republican, if you are republican enough, if you are democrat, if you are democrat enough, that is a problem. in america, we have a right to our opinion and the right to feel the way we do and express that, but the personal attacks on both sides of the aisle, from
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both parties, are horrible. yes, we have our political beliefs. democrat, republican, independent. and i'm just really sickened at what happened to mr. scalise. , pray for his full recovery and to the other people that were wounded. i believe as a christian, which i am, as other members of congress have expressed that they are also christian, we need to behave differently. if we express that we are christian, we are followers of the teachings of jesus christ, we believe in god, that our actions need to portray that. host: mike in germantown, maryland, republican. what is on your mind? occurred onshooting trump's birthday and there were
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two men in succession to president trump. i think this was a warning from the deep state. shooter, the so-called shooter is a pansy. i will take a serious sniper or fbi sniper took out scalise. this is a warning from the deep state to get in line and do what they tell you. host: why do you think the intelligence community would go that far? caller: look at what they did to kennedy. ad you honestly believe that lone gunman took out kennedy? on, and iten going is an item. host: mike in maryland. we are going to take a short break and when we come back we will talk with congressman scott perry of pennsylvania,
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republican member of the homeland security committee and member of the foreign affairs committee as well. we will keep this conversation going about what happened yesterday, and later on democrat congressman jamie raskin, a member of the genet's -- senate judiciary committee. we will be right back. ♪ >> this weekend on american , saturday on c-span3 at 8:00 a.m. eastern on real america -- >> general secretary gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. this --orbachev, open mr. gorbachev, opened this date. -- open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> president ronald reagan's
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1987 trip to berlin. at 8:00 p.m. on lectures in paulry, college professor, marino on how the baby-boom and emergence of teen culture changed post-world war ii society. >> advertisers are looking at this, young people begin to adopt their own styles of dress, the kind of music they listen to is very different. there is a kind of segregation, separation of youth culture from mainstream culture. 8:00 p.m. eastern, joe haldeman offers an insider's view into richard nixon's white house and the watergate scandal bob haldeman in serving an 18 month prison sentence. rings white house phone and i instantly assume it is that dreaded call from nexen.
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the conversation was surprisingly brief. when the white house phone rings again, i fight to stay composed. that was ron zigler, press secretary. feels verynt now strongly that john and i should volunteer to resign. our complete american history tv schedule, go to day --ay on cue and >> barack is very deeply committed to presenting his story and i think that is different from history. >> part one of our interview with pulitzer prize-winning author david gero, talking about his book which covers president obama's life up to winning the presidency. political barack's
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aspirations and sense of destiny lead him to push sheila e. eger aside. baker aside --yeager aside. newhouse, who everyone in black chicago believed could never go higher because he was married to a white woman. so it is in the political tradition of black chicago in the late 1980's, in the early 1990's, that for a black man to aspire to represent black chicago, it is necessary to have a black spouse. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q and a. "washington journal" continues. host: back at our table, scott perry is a member of the homeland security committee here al


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